Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oops, sorry!!

So I feel like a slacker. Haven't written a thing in this blog since around the time I started it. Oops, sorry! (Every time I hear those words, I think of the Bo-bo brothers. If you don't know who they are, you don't watch enough Diego.) I am going to try to make more of a habit of writing (typing?) something at least once a week. We'll see how well that goes over... It will most likely be once a month!

Kaelynn is now 3 years old, and her birthday party was a blast! Mason is now 10 months old, and we (almost) officially have a walker! He prefers crawling still, because he's much better at it, but when ever he gets the chance, he is walking! It's amazing, and sad, all at the same time. They grow up too dang fast!

Speaking of growing up, it's absolutely amazing watching my kids grow into their own little people. I think back to when Kaelynn was Mason's age, and how different they were. Matt asked me the other day, "So, which kid was easier to manage at 10 months, Kaelynn or Mason?" Definitely not a question that has an easy answer! Mason is so laid back and easy-going. Kaelynn around this age was the same way, but man if you didn't pay attention to her! Mason on the other hand is perfectly content going off and playing on his own. Sure, he loves to play with us and his big sister, but if we aren't around he's just as happy alone. I could never do that with Kaelynn when she was this age. She'd scream! Another area they differ, is food. Kaelynn would eat ANYTHING you gave her, and was eating table food at 6 1/2 months old. Mason didn't start eating table food until sometime last week. We tried a few times before that, but he would always pick it up, touch it to his tongue, and then force-gag himself. He wasn't choking, it was very obviously still only just on his tongue. He showed signs of wanting it, but it was still just too weird for him. Last week we tried again, and he proved ready this time. So now we are in a whole new ball-game of Puffs and Cheerios! Kaelynn was eating everything and anything we'd give her. She also had a bit more teeth than him... she got her first tooth at 4 months, he got his at 8 months. He crawled at 6 months, she crawled at 8 1/2 months. He's walking at 10 months, she didn't walk until 13 months. Overall, I can't really say one kid has been easier than the other, they are both so different! Seeing the little girl that Kaelynn has grown into is wonderful, and I can't wait to see what Mason is going to be like at this age. Kaelynn went from a laid back baby, to a talkative, opinionated drama queen! Mason is a laid back little boy, and as he gets older, he continues to be pretty easy-going, so I'm very curious to see his personality grow further!

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