Friday, October 22, 2010

Holy Sickness, Baby!

The past two weeks have been taken away by the onset of a terrible cold. It started with me, then I spread it to Kaelynn, and then we both spread it to Matt. So far, baby Mason has been spared. I had it for about a week. Kaelynn had it for.... get this.... TWO DAYS. Matt had it for four days, give or take. He was feeling much better yesterday, and that was the third day. Kaelynn though... After breakfast, she had a runny nose. Then a slight fever. The next day, runny nose, no fever, and that night was totally back to normal. Really? Where the heck do I get an immune system like that?!? She was back to running around and being her cheerful self, while I was still feeling sluggish and sore! I can say without a doubt, that this child does NOT have my immune system. Mine is so terrible, you'd think I didn't even have one.

Immune systems aside, I think I've finally defeated the cold. All of the bedding has been thoroughly washed and dried. All clothes have been washed. The house, top to bottom, has been drenched in Lysol. I got down on hands and knees, spraying Lysol on everything I thought an almost three year old would touch. My list was mostly comprised of things she SHOULDN'T be touching, but probably would have anyway. Then the normal, daily items of use were sprayed, and all the things that I knew for a fact were touched by Matt and myself. After that, I got a little crazy and just ran around spraying in large wide circles, letting it coat everything. I figured I might as well trust nothing. We will see, as the days pass, if I have truly come out of this as the victor. Which, with Lysol on my side, I am pretty sure I have.

Being sick totally put a damper on my cleaning and my working out schedule. I had the whole body aches, a throbbing constant headache, super runny nose, sore/scratchy throat, and was sneezing/coughing. I didn't want to clean, I didn't want to work out, I didn't want to do ANYTHING. But really, who would? Regardless of not wanting to do anything, I still had to be Mama Do. So, each day, a tiny microscopic bit of cleaning got done, sometimes dinner got cooked, but each day the kids got taken care of. Now that I am back to myself, I am walking around the house going, "Oh, EWWWW. Really?!?! GROSSS!!!!!" It's really THAT bad.

Once this entry is finished, the kids are getting fed lunch, and then both of them are going down for a wonderful nap. Then, Mama Do is bustin' out the Clorox, Lysol, Mr Clean, Soft Scrub, and Scrubbing Bubbles! This house (and it's a big one!) will be clean! Wish me luck. It's pretty bad... almost like a war zone... If there's no blog posted in the next week, someone please send in reinforcements!

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